Jupiter In Velvet's 3rd album 'Glitter On The Sun' will be released September 23rd. Read the first review below!


Jupiter In Velvet's New Album GLITTER ON THE SUN Scores A Glorious 1st Review!

'Bring Me Back 2 Life' - Brand New Single From Jupiter In Velvet!

Bring Me Back 2 Life

by Jupiter In Velvet

Jupiter In Velvet's song 'Bring Me Back 2 Life' is an explosion of our deepest emotions in celebratory release. as Jupiter's guitar rips through the numbness of a lifeless world.

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    Bring Me Back 2 Life

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    [Lyrics] Bring Me Back 2 Life 04:04

'She's So Sugar' - The New Single From Jupiter In Velvet!

'She's So Sugar' - the NEW Single!

by Jupiter In Velvet

'She's So Sugar' is a euphoric energy of addictive proportions. It is also the first single from the soon to be released 3rd Album from Jupiter In Velvet called "Glitter On The Sun".

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    She's So Sugar

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    [Lyrics] She's So Sugar 03:22

The Critics Love JIV!

Jupiter In Velvet is Electro Dance Rock.  Quite like nothing you've heard, yet something you've always felt...

A SuperNova of Passion Exploding In2 Your Soul!

Jupiter In Velvet LIVE!

Jupiter In Velvet Wants You!

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It's a Long Way Home...


Jupiter In Velvet News

Jersey Beat Gives 'Glitter On The Sun' Great Review! 

Wow!  The first review of Jupiter In Velvet's new album 'Glitter On The Sun' just came out yesterday and it was fantastic!  Jim Wawryzniak from Jersey Beat Magazine was all aglow in his praise of Jupiter In Velvet's 3rd effort.  Here is a quote:  

"Jupiter In Velvet rates highly as one of the most exciting and original artists of current vintage"

Read the whole review right here:
 Jersey Beat Review of Glitter On The Sun

New JUPITER IN VELVET Featured on Belgium's PLANETE INDIE Saturday! 

The infamous Pierre Gerard scours the world for the best new music to present on his venerable 'PLANETE INDIE' show.  His show this Saturday night, broadcast from Belgium will include a track off of JUPITER IN VELVET'S soon 2b released new album - 'GLITTER ON THE SUN'.  He won't say which it will be so tune in this Saturday for Europe's #1 Independent Music Show at 4pm GMT / 11am EST.  Here is the link to his site:  PLANETE INDIE

JUPITER IN VELVET Featured in Niji Magazine UK! 

The growing excitement around 'Bring Me Back 2 Life', the second single released from the New soon 2b released Jupiter In Velvet album - 'Glitter On The Sun', has spread to Niji Magazine.  Published in the UK, Niji Magazine is a multi-genre publication covering the latest in music, art, fashion and more.  Niji Magazine has chosen to feature a blog of 'Bring Me Back 2 Life' along with a stream of the song.  For more go here:  Niji Magazine

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