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Stick an ice pick thru your heart & then pull out and you'll realize that everything you've ever sought is inside of U...

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Jupiter In Velvet has just announced that he will be releasing his 5th album 'The ONE In The Many' on September 9th via Free 2b Free Records

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Jupiter In Velvet is Electro Dance Rock.  Quite like nothing you've heard, yet something you've always felt...

A SuperNova of Passion Exploding In2 Your Soul!
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Screaming the Love Behind the Scars - Jupiter in Velvet

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Jupiter In Velvet 2 Release New Single on July 29th 

Jupiter In Velvet announced this week that he will be releasing a new single called 'Peace This Thing Together' on July 29th via the Free 2b Free Record Label.  It will be the second single 2b released from his up coming 5th album entitled 'The ONE In The Many' which will drop on September 9th

Jupiter In Velvet 2 Headline International Pop Overthrow Musicfest - Chicago April 23 

After a sizzling performance at The International Pop Overthrow Musicfest in Detroit, Jupiter In Velvet will join forces once again with the worldwide traveling music festival during its tenure in Chicago.  Jupiter In Velvet will be headlining the IPO Chicago show on Saturday, April 23 - 11:15pm, which will take place at Red Line Tap, one of Chicago's most venerable rock clubs.

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